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Content: A Short 5e Under-City Adventure - 'A Wyrmling Wakes'

This is an adventure that I have run for a campaign set in the city of Ptolus - a campaign setting by Monte Cooke Games that I couldn't recommend highly enough.

I have adapted the adventure write-up so that it can be inserted into any(?) city by keeping the references fairly generic and providing interested DM's ideas for integrating into their own setting throughout. I also provide suggestions for scaling up the challenges for 4th and 5th Level adventuring parties.

A Wyrmling Wakes
Download ZIP • 5.53MB

Short Synopsis

The deep cave wyrmling Thoth-Regot has flown the nest, taking with them their mother’s prize trove artefact. Thoth is now digging out and stocking up their new lair near the Deepbriar, as far from their mother’s nest without breaching the surface. In journeying to this location Thoth caused a cave in, the tremors of which were felt in the Deepbriar – an under-city settlement in the early stages of development. Soon after this event things began to go missing in the Deepbriar, first expensive items, then the odd resident, and most recently a team of delvers sent to map a recently exposed section of The Labyrinth.

The Deepbriar wishes to establish itself independent from the Empire, and from the City Council if possible, and so it does not seek the help of the city officials or any constabularies. Pell Bellna, chief constable of a newly established ‘Deepwatch’, does not have the resources to investigate but has reason to fear that there is more to the disappearances than thieves or Ratlings. Pell therefore asks her friend Reddlepop Offunon, the wealthiest merchant in the Deepbriar (who herself has been a financial victim of the Wyrmling), to advertise with an Adventurer’s Guild that a newly discovered area of The Labyrinth needs an adventurer’s eye.


In the .pdf you will find

  • An introduction including the adventure synopsis, suggestions for adventure hooks, advice of adapting for your setting, and a reference page providing some summary details of the key NPCs mentioned in the main text.

  • A chapter on 'The Deepbriar': an underground residential area for gnomes and halflings. This section provided some initial social and scene setting encounters allied with the nearby 'dungeon.'

  • A chapter on 'Thoth’s Lair': the dungeon in which the meat of the adventure could be said to take place. This section includes a map (also included as a separate file in the download below), an area/creature roster, and details of the keyed rooms. DM tips are presented throughout including ideas for scaling-up encounters and a framework for creating a scalable 'mythic weapon'.

  • A section suggesting consequences: ideas for how you may wish to play out elements of the adventure into your wider campaign.

  • NPC Stat Blocks: 7 original stat blocks. The stat block for Thoth-Regot has been inspired by MCDM's approach to 'action-oriented' villains.


This is the first adventure that I have written and published, it has been play tested once (I don't have the resources or connections for more) and as such I would be grateful for any feedback - especially if someone runs the adventure!

If I have infringed any copywrites, firstly an apology, this is my first time and I have tried to apply what I understand of the OGL, secondly please get in touch noting any amendments you wish me to make.

A Wyrmling Wakes
Download ZIP • 5.53MB

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