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My first D&D Blog, Introducing...

... Snapping Branch! Welcome to my site and thank you for reading my first blog post.

I have created this site to explore my passion for D&D, DMing and roleplaying in more depth and use this platform to share my thoughts and experiences, and in time, my own 5e content.

While a life-long fantasy and sci-fi nerd, and even though my brother and I mucked about with the Red Box as kids in the late 80's, I never really started playing D&D till 2018! So while I am old to the genre I am still pretty new to actual play.

The picture above is from a game I am currently running based on the Ptolus campaign setting, created by Monte Cook Games. On another part of this site I will be writing up session summaries from this ongoing game, including insights on what I continue to learn about the craft.

I also hope to provide readers with reviews of products, including core and third party literature, as well as peripherals and aids. As I also enjoy painting my own miniatures (something I also did as a kid but stopped before university) so, although I am pretty middling in terms of skill, I'll share what even this basic bitch can do.

Incidentally 'Snapping Branch' was the name of my first lockdown character, when I found myself using a virtual tabletop for the first time! During lockdown I initially used Roll20 but then I later migrated to FoundryVTT, which although lacking official content, I found to be a thoroughly more enjoyable experience. Since COVID has (kinda) let up in the UK I am now back playing in person around the kitchen table, the way I prefer to play!

Anyway, thanks again for reading my intro blog. I look forward to sharing more about my D&D and ttRPG experiences with anyone who has the time and inclination!

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